I am an Industrial Design graduate from the University of Technology in Eindhoven with an international background. I have lived in several countries including Spain and Qatar. By being exposed to these different cultures I have been able to develop an unique style and an open mind.

Not a better world but a different world. Somewhere where individuals shape society, not where society shapes the individual. The world is moving towards a global and inter- cultural society. My aim as a designer is to have an impact on individuals by creating with purpose.

I believe that wearables are meant to express the individual’s personality and helps them to be an individual instead of a piece of society. As a designer I would like to contribute in this process of selfdefinition.

To see the future of wearable technology as one that is non invasive to the human body and its everyday activities/interactions, one where aesthetics has the role to provoke intuitive interaction. This what I want to achieve

I would like the smart fashion industry to be part of the current garment market (and not just runway material). A market where the gap between technology and fashion decreases for better and more integrated results.



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