My curiosity and hunger for knowledge is what thrives me most as a person and as a professional. What I love to do most is to translate (new) knowledge into interactive textile experiences, to make the intangible (knowledge) tangible. I see the world and the people in it as a source of knowledge and inspiration which I want to understand and interpret to then use in my design work. This curiosity is not only for knowledge and people but also for skills. An important part of my identity is an artistic approach using mediums such as art and creative literature as inspiration to my work. 


I am a very expressive designer who has a very social and practical learning style. My challenge is to combine classic features form our past with new and innovative concepts. I try to achieve this by letting different cultures and environments influence me. Having lived with different cultures throughout my childhood I have developed the skill to appreciate different perspectives. This helps me to come to diverse and communicative designs. 


Subtle individuality. My designs show identity. I try to achieve this by adding a lot of detail to my work and by translating different types of information into very specific visual and tactile messages for the target audience. 


Ambitiously creatively creating for people and this world. With positivity, hard work and dedication I want my work to be relevant to those whom I design for. 

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