Year: 2019

TU/e Master Project

Year: 2017/2018

Individual Project

Textile Academy

This mini collection was created as a final project for the Textile Academy. Traditional and digital methods and techniques were combined to create the garments. Laser cutting was used as a tool to create detail and quantity (the butterflies on the dress and top), while sublimation printing was used to be able to illustrate a self made pattern on the tops. The laser cutted butterflies are all applied individually by hand embracing the more traditional craftsmanship approach. The project was concluded with a photoshoot directed by myself.

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The mini collection
Textile Academy

Textile Academy was a six month course which focussed on the intersection between textiles, digital fabrication and biology. The first three months we were introduced to a new technique or topic each week. The last three months were reserved for the final project. Want to get an impression of my explorations during this course? Take a look below!