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Constructive Design Research

Quartile 1
Marit Proper
Nine Selier
Lesley Lock

Constructive design research was the very first elective I followed during the master program. It gave me the foundation of design research and writing techniques. Previously I had already worked with a lab and field approach and therefore I chose a project with a showroom approach. During this elective we were given a lot of background information on design research, at this time I realised the different ways in which research can be used for design. In my opinion it can be used as a tool to understand design domain, to discover design opportunities and to evaluate designs. Throughout my master I have tried to use research in those ways. During my research semester I tried to discover the design opportunities of shape changing materials within car interiors, during my m2.1 project at Handmade I used research as a foundation to design a dynamic wearable space suit, and during my FMP I used research as a foundation and justification of my project scope.

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