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Designing User Interfaces with Emerging Technologies

Quartile 2
Research Paper
Linda Espinosa
Sander Pouw

My main aim during this elective was to learn how to keep track of the latest, emerging technologies, and to learn about how the information in these papers can be used to create interfaces. I tried to apply the emerging technologies within the context of smart textiles throughout the elective. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we were not always able to physically prototype, therefore the designed interfaces often remained conceptual. 


During this elective I worked in a team and individually to complete assignments. In all cases I was able to place the emerging technology within the context of smart textiles. This elective has also inspired me to continue to base different concepts on emerging research. It has shown me that research, when translated adequately, has an important role when creating new products with commercial value. Because this elective ran simultaneously with the last months of my FMP I have not been able to fully integrate my newly learned skills. Though I did try to carry out the assignments in the scope of my FMP, the example below is a concept I would like to truly realize for my FMP in the future.

Below you can find one of the concepts I created for this elective based upon the Multi-Touch kit technology. I create a tool in Grasshopper for designer to create parametric designs for the Multi-Touch grid. 

You can determine the amount of nodes on

your grid

You can determine the shapes and patterns on the grid

You can determine the size of the shapes on your grid without them touching

You can select and export the horizontal and vertical components separately to be printed, embroidered, etc.

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