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Device Integrated Responsive Materials

Quartile 4
A report
Benke Verhoef
Mart Claessens
Lana Kessels
Marcos Rodriquez Sanchez

Device integrated and responsive materials is an elective offered by the department of Chemical Engineering. Wanting to create interactive materials I was curious to see how a material’s behaviour could be programmed from a chemical level. Due to the different COVID-19 measures at that time we were not able to prototype in a lab, which made it difficult to fully explore the potential of the science behind liquid Crystals. 


During this elective we worked in multi-disciplinary teams including chemists, electrical engineers and a designer (me). This, together with other influences, inspired me to include and target my FMP at different stakeholders.


From a textile perspective I think that there are many opportunities for close collaborations between designers and chemists, especially because coating or yarn treatments are already used in production processes. Additionally these processes could add changing qualities or responsiveness to them, which a designer can translate into functionality. I hope to further collaborate with chemists in the future.

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