"I love to learn, therefore I continuously nurture myself

with new information"

I have done many different electives during these three years. Most of these were focused on aesthetics and craftsmanship, the reason for this is that I always try to seek ways to communicate my ideas and believes to the outside world. This is also the reason why I chose to complete the USE track in Marketing. Due to having this urgency to communicate in the language of others I understood the importance of understanding the foundations of technology, programming and sociology among others. Below I list my main motivations for each of the elective I took part in.


Taking care of your client

To understand the meaning of communicating with, and understanding the client.  


Creative programming  

To be introduced to the programming style and language. I have continued this in the elective sensors for physiology, and my free hours to learn different coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and arduino.


Exploratory Sketching  

To gain skill in sketching in order to be able to put my own ideas into images. Later on I have continued to take this to a digital scale, where the basis of sketching is my foundation.


Cardboard Modeling

To create 3D models with motors and actuators. My long term aim was to later translate this into soft material, more specifically textiles.


Basic Formgiving Skills

To gain skill in crafting and producing aesthetically quality prototypes.


Look and Feel!

To be able to visualise one idea into different materials.   


Sensors for physiology

To gain knowledge of constructing sensors and to take this as a starting point of a small project.


Design Ethnography

To gain more insight of ways to eventually design for the users need.

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