During my final bachelor project everything seemed to come together. The different competencies that I had and was continuing to develop allowed me to implement and approach the project goal in many different ways. Although not everything was perfect I am satisfied with the end result. 

It is difficult to be in charge of all different aspects of a design process, yet it has allowed me to truly discover and verify my strengths and weaknesses. Technology is the foundation of most product creations yet it does not seem to be entirely compatible with me. I know how to start developing it but soon it seems that it is wiser to let a expert help. I am fully aware of the fact that we have to develop certain competencies to a certain extend, though I feel that one should also be able to know how far to go and what expert to ask for help, this all to benefit the end product. During this semester I wanted to do the technology part all by myself to prove something. Instead it has opened my eyes to the importance of collaboration and multi-disciplinary teams. 

A competency that I have worked a lot on is business and entrepreneurship. I truly enjoyed this, together with the insight I got on running a business during my internship I have come to the conclusion that I would like to have one of my own someday. 

Creativity and aesthetics has always been my favourite competency because it just involves so much more than just the way that something looks or feels. During my final bachelor project I have been able to incorporate this competency mostly digitally but also physically. Throughout these three years I have noticed that that is something that defines me, I believe that physical and digital world can no longer be seen as two extremes but as two things that complement each other when they are balanced right.

Analysing a system and guiding a user through an interface is a challenge. Within this project I have been able to do this and find that a path can be indicated through many different ways. In this case it was done digitally this was decided after analysing the target user.

Within my designs I always look for people that can be benefitted by it. Within this project I have been able to identify two main users of the product, both will be benefitted by it. After talking to illustrator Maarten Claassens it became clear that graphic designers and illustrators are very open to new platforms to gain more exposure and work. This was a justification for me that I had involved the right parties. 

This project has initially been based on research. For me this was very important since I want to provide solutions to people that could actually work. Looking back I should have documented this research better because what is research without proof? I used to be a very intuitive designer that thought that research would only put constraints on the creative process, through this project I have learned how to use research in a creative context. Furthermore do I see research as a tool for a business to gain credibility. 

I see this project as a biggining to my career as a professional designers, which I cannot wait to begin!

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