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In the future I aim to follow two paths simultaneously.


I followed the Research, Design and Development track because I wanted to be able to work for a company after graduating. By following this track I have been able to develop design skills and position myself in the current industry. Now that the end of the master degree is in sight I am still convinced that by working in a company I will not only be able to work towards my vision but I will also be able to learn new skills and I will gain more experience with being an employee. The position I think I could best implement my skills in is product development or research and development position. Due to the COVID-19 situation and the niche market that I am specialized in, it is quite challenging but not impossible to find something. 


At the end of this road I believe that during my final master project I have created something that I truly believe in and that fully reflects not only my identity but also my vision as a designer. Having people around me that believe in me and my vision I have the opportunity to further develop ITL and to carry out other interactive textile related assignments.


I think that it is important to keep reflecting and further develop my vision. As we are in a continuously changing world, new opportunities show every day. To do this I will keep expanding my knowledge in different fields such as psychology and history.

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