Group Project: MO

Semester A
Tijmen Kervers
Ahmed Issa
Laura Maron
Jing-cai Liu

The concept designed during this first semester of the master program aimed to rethink the way we purchase from a more visual perception to a more tactile experience. A hypothetical future coat shopping experience is presented, in which the user creates their garment by designing their own tactile experience. The system consists of four stages. In the first step, the user chooses fabric and tactility of their liking. In the second step, a 3D scan of the user is done which will be used for pattern and model generation. In the third step, the user can have their choices projected onto their body to get a preview of their coat. The fourth and final step is then trying on and picking up their final garment. 

In this project I have prototyped different textile textures using digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing and digital embroidery. Together with other team members we designed the final coats and textures. I also managed most of the project, planning and dividing tasks based upon the strengths and goals of the different team members.  My main learning points during this project have been project management, I furthered my practice in creating textile prototypes and how to design a product - service system


Below you can find an impression of the different explorations we carried out. The aim of these exploration was mainly to discover what textile manipulations could result in interesting textile textures for our users.

F I N A L   D E S I G N

The final design was a experiential set up during the Demo day and a collection of textured scarfs and examples how the process could be translated into jackets for the end user.