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NDA - Project at Mercedes-Benz

Semester A

The project at Mercedes-Benz was quite challenging to complete. I worked in the color and trim department on creating a 3D printed leather interface while I was overloaded with additional intern tasks. Besides the 3D printed leather I created a parametric pattern for the exterior car mirrors and I was chosen to collaborate during a project about a new direction that they wanted to go into. For the last project I have been able to visit suppliers and to get a true understanding how new concepts are created and planned for within such a company. During this project I realised that I was more suited to fulfill a supplier-like role in the design process. I received a Hold for this project because I had not been allowed to take pictures of my work at Mercedes-Benz, and at the end of the internship I was also not allowed to take the piece of leather with me to show my assesors. Therefore the assessors did not have evidence of the things I described in my project report. It was very difficult to accept since I had worked 9-10 hours everyday for 5 months, emotionally it took me some time to recover from this. Even though it was not a perfect ending I do feel like I had a very good experience of what it was like at a big company like that and what role in the design chain I could and want to fulfill with my skill set.

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