Year: 2018

Group Project

TU/e Master Project

My role was to guide the design process, to design the garments and together with others to create the concept, iterate, prototype, create the tactilities and to create the garments.

Customization and personalization are current trends in the fashion industry caused by changing customers’ purchasing behavior and technological innovations.  Retailers and prominent fashion brands promise user-integrated design products that fit the customer’s needs. However, an important aspect of the experience is missing: The tactile experience.


With this project we present a hypothetical future shopping experience in which the user creates their garment through designing their own tactile experience. Our system consists of four stages, that through tactility personalization could enhance the customer’s tactual sensation and therefore satisfaction of the user. In the first step the user chooses a fabric and tactility of their liking. In the second step a 3D scan of the user is done which will be used for pattern and model generation. In the third step the user can have their choices projected onto their body to get a preview of their coat. The fourth and final step is then trying on and picking up their final garment.

The process