Year one. project 1

Intelligent sleep

This first project was from the wearable senses space. We developed a sleep mask for people that travel a lot. Within the sleep mask the light is adapted to stimulate the biodynamic rhythm. With the aim to decrease a jetlag. Towards the end of the project the group was composed of two people including myself. 

My main roles were: planning, brainstorm sessions, research, shape exploration, prototype building, light programming, write report, creating visuals

Year one. project 2

Systema luz

At the Social lighting project the objective was to create a Multi-user interface for the lighting in a multi-purpose area.  We created systems Luz allowing each light in the room can be individually controlled and set by turning the rings. Each light can then be easily controlled and set to your preferred setting. Allowing the possibility to make your own light groups to allow for easy setting switching. This product allows everybody to have maximum control over the lights in a room.

My main roles were: planning, brainstorm sessions, research, user testing, data analysis, shape exploration, prototype building, write report, product photography

Year two. 

research project

Sleepy me

For this research project we developed “Sleepy me”, a meditation guide, to investigate the effects of the product on the sleep quality of insomnia patients. The conclusions of this research was that the use of “Sleepy me” improves the overall sleep quality and thus reduces compared to non-assisted meditation and compared to no meditation. Next to this the symptom of insomnia was positively influenced by “Sleepy me” is the difficulty of initiating sleep also causing the decrease of use of sleep medication.

My main roles were: planning, ideation, shape exploration, prototype building, establishing user test, analyse outcomes, write paper

Year two.

project 4


Within the squad baby@home the aim was to create a moment for parents to bond with their premature baby. Our concept consists of creating the ability for the mother and baby to be in contact a few times a day. We designed a wearable for the mother to carry  and a device which has to be placed on the incubator, which can be turned on by the nurse to establish the connection between mother and child.

My main roles were: ideation, shape exploration and development, prototype building, conducting interviews, analyse outcomes, write paper, create business model, create autocut model

Year three.


The internship at opened my eyes to the opportunities in the industry. During this internship I was able to assist Marina Toeters in different kinds of activities as well as design my own collection. I was offered the opportunity to assist many events and meet a lot of experts.  Combining technology and fashion is a difficult industry to create, but these difficulties helped me to form my vision and identity.

My main roles were: ideation, shape exploration and development, prototype building, photoshoot directing and shooting, attend events, teacher assistent, write report

Year three.

final bachelor

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