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S H A P E - C H A N G E 


S E M I - A U T O N O M O U S   V E H I C L E S

Autonomous cars are an emerging topic. An aspect that has not yet been widely explored is how certain transitions will be materialized and visualized in semi-autonomous cars. With shape change being a potential tool for communication it will be used in this design research project to visualize the transition from autonomous to manual (human) driving and vice versa. Co-creation sessions are used to gain insight into what is important when creating this specific shape change. This project is documented in the form of a research paper in which there are parameters proposed that might be most effective in communicating the transition with shape-change. 


C O - C R E A T I O N 

Find an impression of the co-creating sessions carried out with Industrial Design students at the Technical University of Eindhoven. 

T H E   P A P E R 

Curious? Take a look at the paper:

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