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Module 4: E-textiles and Wearables

October 31, 2017

"The students will have to produce one soft sensor experimenting with the materials available at the lab." - Mika Satom & Hannah Perner-Wilson


The Process 


This week we could chose out of two circuits that we were could make. Of course there are much more things we want to do versus the time available to actually doing it. Here at the Fabricademy in Amsterdam we started out by really understanding the principles of electricity, circuits, sensors and actuators. This is why I started out thinking about a very simple circuit that I could create. 





What I used:

- Felt (5 x 11 cm)

- Green LED 

- Conductive fabric, adafruit 1168 For the spreadsheet go to 

- Conductive yarn, NAME UNKNOWN 

- Regular brown yarn.












1. I measured and cut the felt piece to try out the circuit.

2. I made a hole so that I could place a piece of conductive fabric on each side  

3. I fixed each side to a pin of the Led 

4. I connected an external 3V battery









5. Connect each side to the battery

6. Press the two fabrics together to turn off the led 














For the second circuit I worked out an idea but did not yet have come to realise it.


Okay, so this is what the next project is going to look like. Let me explain. The flower can be turned, it is attached to a potentiometer. On the right of the drawing there is a piece of fabric, as you can see there is a pattern. This will be made out of light. As the flower is turned more of the pattern on the fabric will be visible. This way you have control over the pattern! 


My progress so far


I have part of the code that connects the potentiometer to the LED strip.

I have been able to connect the Arduino to the ATTINY:


How to do this:


prepare the Arduino to behave as a programmer. 

Open the example ArduinoISP

Just upload the code unto the Arduino

Follow these intructions

Select manage boards and install the ATtiny

Then select the ATTINY 85 as a board and processor

Clock: internal 16 Mhz

Select: programmer Arduino as ISP

Burn the boot loader 

Click upload using the programmer




For more info, stay tuned!




(See You Next Week)





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