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User Experience Theory and Practices

Quartile 3
Frederique de Jongh
Naomi Kool
Deborah Pelders
Abhishek Suresh

UETP was a mandatory elective for the track RDD. If it hadn't been a mandatory part of the program I would have still chosen it to be able to get a better understanding of what user experience entails. I learned a lot of theory regarding the different aspects of user experience. I did think that during the assignments there was too much focus on the experience of digital interfaces. To get a better understanding of my UX vision and definition please look at my UX Portfolio.

In my understanding designers take into account a user’s experience during their design process, either to detect design opportunities, when designing the product/service or when they evaluate their designs. Therefore close collaboration and evaluation sessions with the target group is something I aimed to integrate within my design processes.

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