The future of wearable technology


I like to see the future of wearable technology as one that is non invasive to the human body and its everyday activities/interactions. One where aesthetics has the role to provoque intuitive interaction.

I would like the smart fashion industry to be part of the current garment market (and not just runway material). A market where the gap between technology and fashion decreases for better and more integrated results. Furthermore do I think that the buying experience of clothing can be enriched. I think because of my clear view on how the smart fashion industry would be and how people would interact with it, I would love to contribute to the current development of these exciting shifts.


The future of the user and the user’s health


In order for design to have true functionality the user must be able to appreciate technology, designers have the capability to design so that the user will accept it. I believe that the future of my designs will be to address the good of the individual instead of mass production with the aim to create a satisfied, efficient and happy society.


In order to live a good life I assume that one must be healthy. Products that could have a negative impact on one’s health are promoted most of all and people are persuaded to buy them. I would like to make sure that every product/ service that I design will mostly have a positive impact on and potentially could stimulate one’s health.


Marketing and branding


Marketing and branding currently already play a big role in convincing consumers to use goods. As a designer I would like these disciplines to continue to support and create opportunities. The financial aspect of running a business are usually known as an aspect that sets boundaries to product developments, in the future this should not be the case.


Through these three years I believe I have been able to establish an designer identity. Often I found that my personal traits had a positive impact on my design processes. My social, curious and explorative nature allowed me to be open minded and generate a sea of idea, especially during the beginning of the design process. Exciting and unexpected design decisions came true due to my ambitiousness, my ability to adapt and my risk taking nature.


Having lived with and in different countries and cultures I have been able to develop the ability to change perspectives and to adapt quickly to new situations. I believe this is reflected best in my capability to understand the need and perception of the user.


There are many things that drive me as a person and as a designer, my love for innovation, exploration, culture and psychology to name a few. Furthermore, I love to learn, therefore I continuously nurture myself with new information that might give me more insight to different topics.


My other interests define me as a person as well as a designer. These interest include fashion art, healthcare, graphic design and architecture among other things. Currently I am very much interested in wearable technology and smart textiles, which I believe will play a big part in the fashion industry of the future


Within the design team I can fulfil different roles, although I enjoy to offer an artistic view as well as a managerial view. I do this by planning the main activities, scheduling, offering a critical eye and through the concept generation and refinement.


Qualities often have their lesser side as well. My weakness is that sometimes I can be too explorative, when not taking external factors into account it could occur that I find it difficult to stop exploring. Yet when I am at this point in a design process I know what measures to take to be able to make decisions.


There are still different directions I would like to gain more knowledge and experience in. These directions are marketing, smart fashion, soft technology and management.

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